Monday, June 29, 2015

180. Mercurial Perspectives

What was the purpose of the uplifting experiment? To create new minds, non-human minds. But when they succeeded, the panic! Yes we created you different, but we would really prefer if you pretend to be human, please and thank you. If uplifts are only supposed to integrate with human society, what is the point of uplifts?
Rough-Hands, neo-hominid mercurial

Humans require food, water, air, low gravity, a limited range of temperatures, and as little radiation as possible, and even if this is provided who knows when they'll up and die from some disease anyway. Synths require power, and the right model can handle almost any conditions. Off Earth, synths are objectively superior.
Roslai Sova, Steel Liberator

Automomists brag about their post-scarcity societies, where the only limits are materials, energy, and the social-mores of one's neighbors. Unlike anything that has come before! As software we are limited only by computer power, which is as post-scarcity as it gets in this universe.
Hao Ji-Tsia, founding member of Glitch

Lets face it, biology is gross.
Bob Roberts, comedian, synth and AGI-rights activist


Inspired by Farcast 252: Bioconservative Ethics.

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