Saturday, June 13, 2015

164. Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt

Mr. and Mrs. Schmidt were married in Berlin, many decades before the Fall. He was a professor of history, she a writer of mildly popular mystery novels. They were upper-class, but never achieved a hyperelite level of income. They invested their money well, however, and transhuman longevity gave them plenty of time to watch compound interest accrue. Even after the chaos and losses of the Fall, they are quite wealthy.

They were wealthy enough to buy passage off-world during the Fall, but only for one body. Rather than be separated, they acquired a multiple personalities implant and sleeved into the same body. They originally intended to resleeve into separate bodies once they arrived on Luna, but got used to the arrangement. They had grown quite to know each other quite well over their decades of marriage, and after a decade of living in the same body, have converged so much as to be at times indistinguishable.

Since the Fall, they have dedicated themselves to the reclaimer cause. Mr. Schmidt leads a project keeping the memories of Earth alive by teaching pre-Fall history and consulting on Earth-related media. Mrs. Schmidt writes a popular reclaimer blog, mixing poetic pre-Fall vignettes with calls to action. They are both popular among academic and reclaimer circles.


Morph: Exalt

Motivations: +Stability, +Education, +Reclaiming Earth

COG 25 COO 15 INT 20 REF 15 SAV 20 SOM 10 WIL 20
MOX - INIT 7 SPD 1 LUC 30 TT 6 IR 60 DUR 35 WT 7 DR 53

Active Skills: Beam Weapons 35, Fray 35, Interfacing 83, Kinesics 75, Networking: Ecologists 68, Networking: Hypercorps 73, Persuasion 60, Pilot: Groundcraft 45, Protocol 83, Research 60

Knowledge Skills: Academics: History 70, Academics: Post-Fall History 70, Academics: Pre-Fall History 75, Art: Writing 75, Interest: Blogs 50, Interest: Old-Earth Relics 70, Language: English 60, Language: German (Native) 90, Profession: Instruction: 70

Reputation: c-rep 100

Implants: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Cortical Stack, Clean Metabolism, Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Vision, Medichines, Multiple Personalities*

*Note that although the multiple personalities trait means there are two egos in one body, I have built them as one ego based upon their convergence, and for convenience.

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