Wednesday, June 17, 2015

168. Training Under the Influence

The transhuman battlefield is a source of new and strange forms of stress. TITAN weaponry targets the ego almost as often as the body, and soldiers must often use augmentations and combat drugs that create strange states of mind.

A soldier who can field-strip their weapon, run an obstacle course, and relay technical information not only while sober, but while drunk, stoned, hallucinating, numb to the world, or filled with synthetic bloodlust can be trusted to keep their heads while in any of the strange situations they might encounter in the post-Fall world.

Ultimates will dose initiates with inhibition suppressants in order to gauge their personalities. Scum militia often use drugs for fun, but some have also been experimenting with hallucinogens to teach themselves to ignore their senses when necessary. Direct Action sends recruits through normal training, then runs them through the same drills, but this time while they are nearly out of their minds on a cocktail of combat drugs.

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