Wednesday, June 10, 2015

161. The Portia Fragments

The great advantage of Portia hobbling is that it not only slows AIs, but allows their thoughts to be saved and examined at the leisure of their handlers. The examination of the thoughts of too-powerful AIs allows them to be checked for dangerous intentions, but also allows for insight into what they think, and just as important, how they think.

The snapshots of hobbled minds are both very valuable and very dangerous, and are carefully guarded. Still, the system is full of hacktivists, aggressive exhuman clades, defectors who want something of value to offer, and careless scavengers who may recognize something interesting among the wreckage when everything has gone horribly wrong. Portia fragments have become highly sought after by exhumans and singularity seekers, looking to use the knowledge within, and Firewall and Ozma, hoping to contain it.

A character attempting to understand a fragment must make a Psychosurgery or relevant knowledge skill check, such as Academics: Cognitive Science, or Profession: Psychiatrist. If they succeed, they understand the thought the fragment expresses, and gain 1d10+1 points in a relevant knowledge skill, usually Academics: Philosophy, Academics: Mathematics, or Academics: Cognitive Science. They also gain SV equal to skill points gained and must make a WILx3 test, gaining an additional 1d10/2 SV if failed.


The Portia Fragments are intended to take the role of the eldritch tomes from Call of Cthulhu games. They can give players an opportunity to learn What Is Really Going On.

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