Sunday, May 3, 2015

123. Portias

Portias are engineered Portia Fimbriata, modified to be larger (up to the size of a a human hand) and proportional increases in neural mass. The step-by-step nature of Portia's mind is maintained, leading to incredible visual acuity, spatial awareness, problem solving, and hunting. Portias are not necessarily smarter than unmodified Portia Fimbriata, but they think much more quickly. They are masters of ambush, and many habitats use them for pest control. There is also an audience for Portia races: gambling on which spider will solve a maze, or kill a prey insect, first.


As smart roaches, plus unarmed combat 40 and freerunning 40 [Moderate]


Inspired by Peter Watt's post on Portia Fimbriata.

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