Friday, May 22, 2015

143. Hulderhund

Titan is far rimward, cold and distant from the greater mass of transhumanity. Nevertheless, thanks to the Commonwealth's One Mind, One Body policy and friendly liberalism, the Titanian population is growing quickly. The hulder, the nomadic herders of caribou across Titan's cold, carbonaceous surface, see in this growth the slow loss of the wildness of their herding grounds. As a part of their cultural experiment, as welcome companionship, and as an early stage of preparation for predicted altercations, they created the hulderhund.

Like hulders and their caribou, hulderhund blubbery skin makes them appear cybernetic on the surface, but they are entirely biological, engineered from Titanian Autonomous University smarts. Like the caribou, hulderhund eat the natural carbonaceous compounds from Titan's surface, and participate in the AR hallucination of Earth's tundras. Hulder train them in herding, but otherwise keep them for companionship.


Treat as smart dogs with the addition of  fractal digits, long-term life support, and temperature tolerance (Cryonic) [High]

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