Tuesday, May 12, 2015

133. Anthropomorphism

Anthropomorphism is the ancient human habit of ascribing human chracteristics and motives to non-human and even non-living entities.

The anthropomorphism psychosurgical procedure is designed to increase a subjects ability to understand the natural world by, interestingly enough, making the mind less rational. Specifically, the tendency to anthropomorphize is increased, but not so strongly that it will override learned facts. Done correctly, a subject will still recognize abstractly what logic and science has learned, but will incorporate those facts into their internal mythology, at which point it will be processed through the well-evolved social regions of the brain. Anthropomorphism subjects have a noted increase in accuracy when predicting future events based upon their conception of the motives of natural phenomenon.

Some groups also make use of the procedure religiously; it has, for example, been the root of a resurgence of Shinto, and is often used by those inclined towards mysticism.


Anthropomorphism is a psychosurgical procedure.

Timeframe: 1 week
PM: -10
SV: 1d10/2

At the GMs discretion anthropomorphism can be treated as the predictive boost and/or pattern recognition gamma sleights.

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