Monday, May 11, 2015

131. Ntwadumela

Ntwadumela ("He who greets with fire') is one of the lost. Like many of his brothers and sisters, he was altered by the Watts-McLeod strain of the exsurgent virus. His mind, however, was altered in more subtle ways than many of the others, and he does not even know he is an asynch. The virus gifted him with a strange and powerful mind: he sees connections, makes calculations, understands the flow of events, and comes to strange but powerful conclusions in ways that are more like an AI than a human. The virus also destabilized his mind, and his sentience is under continual threat of erosion and is maintained through sheer force of will. When physically threatened he usually slips into a fugue or unconscious frenzy. 

Currently Ntwadumela is serving as Direct Action's representative to the Immortals, and is therefore technically in charge. He prefers, however, to leave decision-making to the Immortals themselves, and serves only as an adviser. he excels due to his unique mind, supplemented with an education in history, military theory, game theory and biology. The Immortals have learned to trust his conclusions, even when they cannot begin to follow his thinking. In his spare time, Ntwadumela is learning to design robots, which he wishes to make as the flawless executors of his counter-intuitive plans.


Morph: Faust

Motivations: +Self-Control, +Personal Development, +Victory

COG 25 COO 20 INT 20 REF 15 SAV 20 SOM 10 WIL 25
MOX - INIT 7 SPD 1 LUC 50 TT 9 IR 100 DUR 35 WT 7 DR 53

Active Skills: Climbing 35, Fray 68, Freefall 45, Freerunning 30, Hardware: Robotics 40, Impersonation 60, Investigation 68, Kinesics 63, Kinetic Weapons 83, Networking: Hypercorps 50, Perception 73, Persuasion 65, Throwing Weapons 50, Unarmed Combat 50

Knowledge Skills: Academics: Biology 65, Academics: Military Science 83, Art: Game Design 50, Interest: History 65, Interest: Robot Models 55, Language: English (Native) 80, Language: Mandarin 50, Profession: Military Operations 45, Profession: Squad Tactics 73

Sleights: Pattern Recognition, Enhanced Creativity, Predictive Boost, Savant Calculation, Unconscious Lead

Disorder: Fugue

Morph Traits: Psi Chameleon, Psi Shield(1)

Reputation: c-rep 100

Implants: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Circadian Regulation, Cortical Stack, Eidetic Memory, Endocrine Control, Enhanced Respiration, Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Vision, Medichines, T-Ray Emitter, Hyper-Linguist, Math Boost

Notes: Ntwadumela, paired with the rest of the Immortals, should be a plausible threat for even the most powerful PCs. If he enters combat, flip a coin. Heads and he is affected by his unconscious lead, fighting quickly and effectively. Tails and he enters a fugue state, and will be unresponsive until combat ceases.

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