Monday, May 25, 2015

145. Origami

The residents of Torii, on Eris, can have difficulties with entertainment. Eris is almost 13.5 light-hours from the Sun, making live communication with the bulk of transhumanity impossible. Torii is also based around the Discord Gate, which puts the population under continuous pressure from Go-Nin/Ultimate security, with regular searches and seizures of property. For these reasons, Torii's arts and entertainment tends to be home-grown, minimalist, and deliberately temporary.

One of those is a new form of origami. The key innovation was a thin, paper-like sheet of muscular fabric, capable of moving itself. The fabric can be bent and folded to make normal origami, and then, if it has been done correctly, will be able to move itself in imitation of its form: snakes undulate, horses walk and run, and in Torii's low gravity, cranes can almost fly.


Torii orgiami can be created with the Art: Origami knowledge skill.


  1. Hmmm... Pretty interesting. What do these muscle-memory sheets get used for normally?