Saturday, May 16, 2015

136. Gliders

The guns of Tharsis fire biomorphs and pods in one type of glider, and synths in another. The biomorph/pod version is an enclosed capsule with extendable wings, while the synth version has the same extendable wings but is a bolted-together framework. Both versions are used in the same way: first fired from the guns at up to 10,000 km/h, they extend their wings at the apex of their ballistic arc to gain distance and control. By the time they near their destination, they should have decelerated sufficiently to safely deploy their parachute and make a safe landing.

The single-use, fragile nature of the gliders makes arming them mostly pointless, but recently there have been successful experiments mounting racks of single-use seeker launchers to their fore. Just before landing, the seekers can launch themselves at nearby targets, or else deploy a smoke screen, in either case helping to ensure a safer landing.


Glider Capacity: 1 Armor: 8/8 Durability: 50 Wound Threshold: 8
Often augmented with reduced signature and chameleon skin enhancements.

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