Wednesday, May 20, 2015

140. Tasping

"There's a wire in my brain that simulates sexual pleasure when I kill people. That's all I have now."
Global Frequency #2

Tasping is an established psychosurgical procedure that activates the pleasure centers of the brain on command. The procedure was developed to treat mental illnesses such as depression, but has become popular among criminal outfits such as Nine Lives, who use their own versions of the procedure to control their egonapping victims and slaves. 

Among criminal outfits, the Pavlovian pleasure rewards for good behavior are complimented by an induced constant happiness. The cognitive dissonance produced by the combination of constant hypomania mixed with the pleasure spikes that reward obedience is intense. The stress of knowing that your situation is horrible, while feeling that everything is wonderful warps your perspective; such slaves can honestly say that this is the happiest time of their life.

Victims whose tasping is reversed experience a form of withdraw characterized by an intense clinical depression. Victims frequently become virtually catatonic, as the motivation system they grew used to is suddenly absent. This is typically in addition to PTSD or other disorders that result from their experiences.


Tasping can be found in the core rulebook, pg. 232.

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