Sunday, May 24, 2015

144. Seeing-Eye Balls

Seeing-eye balls were, for a time, the premier choice for small, flying surveillance. They are perfect spheres the size of human eyeballs, mounting small cameras and propelled swiftly by ionic skin. They were limited in their capabilities, but were fast and reliable and were sold by the dozen in elegant pouches. They fell out of use when the smaller and even more discrete specks were released.

The balls made a recent comeback, however, when someone had the idea of modifying their synth to use the bots as eyes and, whats more, detach and reattach them at will. When attached they are almost indistinguishable from standard synth eyes, making them easy to smuggle into places that might not allow bots. Once detached, the user can see through them as if they were still their normal eyes. It is recommended they are used only one at a time or else kept paired, as disorientation and nausea often result from trying to perceive to entirely different points-of-view at once.


Seeing-eye balls are robots [Trivial]

Movement Rate: 4/40 Max Velocity: 80 Armor: 2/2 Durability: 25
Wound Threshold: 5 Mobility System: Ionic

Enhancements: 360 Degree Vision, Access Jacks, Enhanced Vision

Seeing-eye balls can also be installed as cyberware [Moderate]

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