Monday, June 1, 2015

152. Reflexive Seeker Point Defense

Reflexive seeker point defense systems (RSPD) counter one of the most prolific and dangerous weapon systems in the post-Fall era: seekers. The system fights fire with fire by intercepting incoming seekers with micro-seekers of its own, loaded with HE to cause the destruction or premature detonation of the incoming warhead.

The launcher is typically mounted on one of the shoulders, with one set of sensors mounted on the launcher, and the other on the opposite shoulder in order to ensure 360° coverage. When an incoming seeker is detected, the micro-seekers pop forwards, adjusting themselves with internal gyros, then rocket towards their target. Note that the system has a tendency to produce collateral damage if the intercepted warhead is explosive.


RSPDs can be installed as an armor or robotic enhancement [Moderate]

The system uses an AI with Seeker Weapons 40, on a successful roll, the incoming missile has been intercepted. The detonation of intercepted warheads can cause collateral damage at the GM's discretion.

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