Saturday, June 20, 2015

171. Lyre's Syrinx

Thanks to its uniquely complex syrinx, the lyrebird is capable of mimicking any sound it might hear. A favorite of singers, socialites, and con-artists, it allows for beautiful singing far beyond the human range, as well as, with practice, imitations of many sounds and other people's voices.

This is not the first augmentation available to replace the human larynx with a syrinx, although it is has become the most popular, thanks to its versatility. Early experiments with syrinx implants were little more than gimmicks, allowing users to sing like birds but little else. The great advantage of the lyre's syrinx is its versatility, its excellent mimicry allowing for normal human speech as well as most other sounds.

Not surprisingly, the lyre's syrinx is most popular among neo-avians. Militant mercurials often use complex code-song languages to communicate secretly, not unlike binary chatter.


A lyre's syrinx is bioware [Moderate]

A lyre's syrinx gives +20 to impersonation when mimicking another's voice.

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