Monday, June 15, 2015

166. Born Again

The born again are a widely distributed religion, loosely christian but with no central doctrine. They are organized around a psychosurgical procedure called baptism.

The baptism psychosurgical procedure stimulates religious a constant experience through temporal lobe epilepsy. The born-again are perfectly aware of the neurological basis of their spiritual experiences, but they do not feel that this makes them fake, or more specifically, the distinction does not interest them. According to born-again theology, the important thing is that one has a sincere faith, the baptism procedure only serves to keep one's mind focused on God. They therefore do not use the procedure as part of conversion, faith must come first.


Rebirth is a psychosurgical procedure.

At the GMs discretion it may prevent SV damage.

Timeframe: 1 week
PM: 0
SV: 1d10/2

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