Wednesday, June 3, 2015

154. Smart Seekers

Seekers have many advantages. As homing missiles, they are very accurate, different warheads allow for a great deal of flexibility, and they have the longest range of any small-arm, but there is always room for improvement.

Seekers can take best advantage of their range and homing abilities over flat landscapes, but much of transhumanity live in cluster, beehive and otherwise dense, built-up areas their guidance systems struggle with. Additionally, taking advantage of a seeker's full range often requires spotters,

Smart seekers link the missiles to an AI more powerful than any that could be run on a warhead. The AI can guide the missile through complicated, confined spaces as well as choose and prioritize targets on its own. Smart seeker AIs, however, must be run on a launcher-mounted computer. A constant link is required between warhead and AI, something that can be potentially exploited by hackers.


Smart seeker AIs are software [Moderate]

The software adds a +10 modifier to the attack test, but requires a constant connection with the missile, providing an opportunity for hackers.

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