Sunday, June 7, 2015

158. Darwin Nosek

Darwin Nosek is a hyperelite scion, bio-artist, small player in Lunar politics, large player on Mercury, Extropian consultant, anarchist firebrand, Buddhist monk, and more. He can be all of these things because he is also the originator of choice forking.

Everyone is faced with important choices, choices that determine the path of their lives. Nosek hated making difficult choices; he couldn't stand not knowing where each will lead. Instead of simply accepting the way of things, the resources and mindset of a hyperelite scion found him a way to have his cake and eat it too. Instead of limiting himself to one option or another, he forks himself, and follows both options.

One of the earliest and most significant decisions Nosek forked was whether or not to leave Earth for Mars as his family began to acquire assets off-world. His Martian fork lost much of its fortune and began to be influenced by voices hyperelite society normally drowned out. He forked and one traveled to Extropia, where he became a true proponent of anarchism.

The fork left on Earth retained a typical hyperelite lifestyle, forking several choices. The details are largely lost however, as only two offshoots of that fork survived the fall. Those forks went to Luna and Mercury. The Lunar fork is perhaps the most unchanged from the original Darwin Nosek, maintaining a vapid hyperelite lifestyle. The Mercurial fork buckled down and found himself rapidly gaining political influence, and is working his way towards a position in the Planetary Consortium proper.

Relations between inner and outer system forks mirror the politics of the system as a whole. Both inner and out forks wonder what choice could possibly have allowed for such naive idealism, both groups are ostensibly peaceable but exploring their options, and both groups tend to mediate their interactions through the extropian, who has become quite wealthy exploiting his disparate connections.


By the nature of their creation, every fork of Nosek is notably different, and each will have different stats. A fork is best created using the character creation packages from Transhuman: each fork has the 3pp Hyperelite: Scion background package, and can be plausibly built in almost any direction from there.

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