Thursday, June 4, 2015

155. Auto-Bombs

Autonomous explosive vehicles (usually called auto-bombs) are purpose built suicide-bombers, saucer-like drones containing charges equivalent to mini-grenades.

Auto-bombs are often used as screens for other units, engaging an enemy before they have the chance to attack, and quite effectively ruining many ambushes. Unlike seekers they can remain in flight for extended periods of time and recharge when necessary, making it possible to have them patrol a perimeter, lay an ambush, or go on extended search-and-destroy missions. Their more advanced AIs are capable of adhering to complex rules of engagement, from "HEAPs should only target vehicles" to "do not kill or injure anyone not visibly armed".

The ionic propulsion systems of most models are slower than the rockets used by seekers, making them much easier targets for point-defense systems. They are also, however, much less obvious, and stealth variants can bypass defenses that would quickly acquire a bright, loud rocket.


Auto-Bombs are robots [Low plus payload]

Movement Rate: 8/40 Max Velocity: 80 Armor: 2/2 Durability: 25 Wound Threshold: 5         Mobility System: Ionic

Enhancements: 360 Degree Vision, Access Jacks, Enhanced Vision, Radar

A stealth variant adds chameleon coating and signature reduction [Moderate plus payload]

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