Friday, June 5, 2015

156. Limpets

Limpets are some of the least intelligent TITAN creations, with simple, hungry minds, but this has not prevented them from becoming the most deadly. Their tactic of ambushing in large swarms has claimed thousands of wanderers since the Fall. In sufficient numbers they can overwhelm even military vehicles.

Limpets are rough bowls approximately 5 - 10 cm in diameter. The interior of the bowl is lined with powerful muscles and a unique, semi-organic form of fractal digits. The exterior is a tough but flexible shell. They do not posses eyes or any other typical sensory organs, but sense t-ray and radar very well.

Limpets attack in groups, although they do not cooperate beyond an instinct to swarm. They will attach themselves to outcrops or bury themselves in the ground, and when a target comes within range, leap dozens of meters at them. If they hit their target, they use the outer ring of their fractal digits to attach themselves, while the inner core begins to disassemble. While attached they look something like the animal from which they get their name.


COG COO 20 INT 5 REF 20 SAV 5 SOM 15 WIL 5
MOX - INIT 7 SPD 1 LUC - TT - IR - DUR 40 WT 8 DR -

Mobility System: Hopper (4/20)

Skills: Fray 50, Freerunning 60, Perception 50

Notes: Armor 12/12, Mobility System Ionic, Radar, T-Ray Emitter, Fractal Digits

An attached limpet does 1d10 DV per minute. They can be pried off with a SOMx3 test, doing 1 DV to the attached victim as the limpet takes tissue with them.

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