Friday, June 12, 2015

163. Cluster Missiles

In their continued effort to expand the utility of seeker weapons, Ares Munitions has recently put a model of "cluster missile" on the market. The missiles contain other, smaller missiles, ready to burst out and engage separate targets. They market these new missiles as a way to effectively engage groups or overwhelm point defense. A standard missile can hold 2 mini or 4 micro seekers, and a mini-missile can hold 2 micro seekers.

Cluster missiles obviously put out more warheads per shot than a single missile, but the difference is usually not so large as to be worth the increased expense. In practice. the primary use of cluster missiles has been to increase range: a standard missile has a maximum range of 10km, a mini of 3km and a micro of 2km, so a standard missile can be used to carry clusters to far targets, at which point it breaks apart and the mini or micro seekers attack as usual.


Cluster missiles are [High, plus contained missiles]

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