Tuesday, July 7, 2015

188. Assassins

One of the more common petals, and apparently based upon a popular AR game with the same name, Assassins is unusual in that is was seemingly identify to be purely fun, but is at the same time one of the most dangerous of petals. As in the AR game, each user is given a target, as well as becoming the target of another user. Users die when they are "killed" by another user, using special AR weapons.

The danger of use comes from the psychological effects of the petal. Although it sounds like a harmless game, to the users it becomes entirely real. They become very genuinely afraid for their lives, willing to take great risks to flee their assassin. Many users do not even have the resolve to pursue their targets, and simply hole up as best they can. Those tracked down by their assassin will fight for their lives, and although the AR weapons are not real, injuries are not uncommon. Those who are killed take 1d10 stress from what seems like a real death and the rapid end of the trip.


Assassins is a petal [Moderate]

Type: Nano Application: O Duration: 24 hours Addiction Modifier: - Addiction Type: Mental


Successfully kill one of your targets and you will receive blueprints for a unique patch.

Be the last one standing and you will receive the blueprints for biter smart ammo.

Kill every other users (no other user can make a kill) and you will receive blueprints for a unique wasp knife.

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