Thursday, July 30, 2015

211. The Monasteries

The Gift of St. Dmitri, most often called "the monasteries", is a hollowed asteroid, similar to those used by the Jovian Union. A cylinder approximately 20km long and 8 km across (from interior wall to interior wall), spun for Earth-like gravity. The climate of the cylinder is kept carefully Mediterranean, although one half is higher and drier than the other. The higher, drier side is the site of a monastery based on a reconstruction of early christian practices, as well as a number of hermitages. The low, wet side contains a reconstructed Shaolin Monastery on a mountaintop, and an eastern orthodox monastery on a island in a lake. The habitat contains a few small villages who host tourists, but the majority of the land is wilderness.

Since the fall the habitat has come under pressure, from both within and without, to more refugees. It represents a large livable space that currently supports a fraction of the population it might. At the same time, however, it's small populations density and well cared for ecosystems make it one of the final living spaces of many species.

Plot Hook: Every so often, a criminal gets the idea to hide in the wildernesses of the monasteries, thinking no one would ever think to look for them there. A few of the monks in the early-christian and shaolin monasteries have come to live as monks after much different lives, and still maintain links to old friends in organized crime. As a g-rep favor, a player is asked to track down and extract a criminal hiding among the hermits, who has been making life difficult for the locals.

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