Monday, July 27, 2015

208. Francesca's Wine and Cheese Manufactory

Francesca's is a favorite of Valles New Shanghai's New Pittsburgh dome, and a popular meeting place for local organized crime, generally considered neutral ground. Built along the lines of an automat, most of Francesca's is literal hole in the wall, an opening in the building with no windows or doors, only a sign above. One wall is clear diamond, giving a view into the 3d-printers that make the cheese and the wet-nanoware that makes the wine. The opposite wall  holds the cases from which patrons can retrieve wine and cheese pairings.

No one knows who Francesca is (if anyone), who owns the place, or who collects the profits. Maintenance and repair are carried out by a local man who has held onto the contract for decades, even past his retirement, and cleaned by an aging robot the regulars have taken to calling Francesca in her absence.

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