Thursday, July 9, 2015

190. Kaiju Therapy

One of the first petals created, kaiju therapy dates back to the days before petals established themselves as hardcore drugs and were explored as a means of harmless entertainment or psychological regimens. Kaiju therapy, as the name suggests, was designed as a a form of, or supplement to, normal therapy, designed to make users feel powerful and give them an outlet for stress.

Users of kaiju therapy find that, although no physical change actually occurs, they sense their bodies as becoming much larger. At the same time their bodies mutate into monstrous forms suggested by their subconscious. They hallucinate that their surroundings have become a cityscape; one which they are free to stomp through and destroy.

As therapy, kaiju therapy was not successful, as likely to aggravate as alleviate. These days kaiju therapy is used primarily for entertainment.


Kaiju therapy is a petal [Moderate]

Type: Nano Application: O Duration: 4 hours Addiction Modifier: - Addiction Type: Mental


Destroy a monumental building and the petal will pick out an open source book on architecture, interior design, or construction for you to read.

Defeat another monster in a wrestling match and you will receive blueprints for a small action figure of your kaiju self.

Take a nap instead of any of that and you will receive notice that the petal has purchased a coffee for you at the nearest convenient location.

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