Friday, July 10, 2015

191. Acquisitions

These are simplified rules for using rep (based in part on the acquisition rules from Rogue Trader). These rules replace the usual rep and networking rules, using networking only for favors, and rep only for equipment or burning for automatic successes. This way all favor/acquisition tests are reduced to a single die roll, with no bookkeeping required for factors such as refresh rates.

To acquire equipment, roll against your rep with the following modifiers for cost
Trivial +20 Low +10 Moderate - High -10 Expensive -20

To seek a favor, roll against your networking with the following modifiers for level
Trivial +20 Low +10 Moderate - High -10 Expensive -20

Other modifiers, such as "keeping quiet", can still apply.

Players can burn rep to automatically succeed at either rolls with the following costs
Trivial Low Moderate High Expensive 5

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