Tuesday, July 28, 2015

209. Niamh Griffin

Niamh Griffin is much older than she seems. She was one of the first generation to be born and raised in space, aboard the O'Neill cylinder Verdigris. Born into wealth, Niamh managed her money well, and although she never met with any substantial professional successes, she grew only more wealthy over the years. At the age of 50, she migrated to Luna and added plasticity treatments to her slowly cultivated suite of mental augmentations. The plasticity treatments have destroyed her ability to maintain memories past a decade, leaving her disconnected from her past. Without a sense of continuity or history, she remakes herself periodically, throwing herself into newly discovered passions. 

Currently Niamh is occupied with pursuing info-brokering, although as a hobby more than a career. She loves learning secrets, especially the secret histories of transhumanity and its organizations, an interest that has made her a concern of both Firewall and OZMA.


Morph: Neotenic

Motivations: +Individualism, +Thrill Seeking, +Secrets

COG 25 COO 15 INT 25 REF 15 SAV 25 SOM 10 WIL 15
MOX - INIT 8 SPD 1 LUC 30 TT 6 IR 60 DUR 30 WT 6 DR 45

Active Skills: Deception 55, Hardware: Electronics 40, Infosec 70, Interfacing 55, Intimidation 45, Kinesics 68, Kinetic Weapons 35, Medicine: Psychiatry 55, Networking: Criminals 45, Networking: Hypercorps 63, Perception 45, Persuasion 78, Programming 65, Protocol 78, Psychosurgery 65, Research 55

Knowledge Skills: Academics: Cryptography 65, Academics: Psychology 80, Art: Poetry 65, Interest: Rumors 65, Interest; Conspiracies 65, Profession: Info Brokerage 55, Profession: Mesh Security Operations 70

Reputation: c-rep 100

Implants: Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Clean Metabolism, Cortical Stack, Enhanced Pheremones, Endocrine Control, Plasticity Treatments

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