Tuesday, July 14, 2015

195. Sato

`You figure they own that ninja, Finn?' Molly asked.
`Smith thought so.'
`Expensive,' she said. `Wonder whatever happened to that little ninja, Finn?'
`Probably got him on ice. Thaw when needed.'

Direct Action is what people think of when the phrase "hypercorp military" is mentioned, but hypercorps do not like rely on anything but themselves, and so each maintains their own force. After all, the Planetary Consortium does a better job of preventing inter-hypercorp conflict on some days than others, the Autonomists refuse to go away, and the system if full of a great diversity of smaller threats.

The Go-Nin Group's keiretsu structure does not lend itself to formal military hierarchy. No single company in the group has the resources to maintain an aggressive force, and when they are convinced of the need for action, usually prefer the one-time cost of hiring a PMC. The Go-Nin "core", the Tamahashi enterprise consultancy firm, feels much more strongly about the need for loyal, on-demand aggression. Sure, Ultimates are the consummate mercenaries, but that only allows for very specific type of trust. They therefore invested in Project Sato, the creation of a small but elite unit of special agents.

Sato is the generic name given to an indeterminate number of vat-grown ninja whose creation was the goal of the project. The Satos are amalgamations of delta forks, skillware, and psychosurgury; they are perfectly loyal, with a meditative attitude masking the fact that they have no motivations of their own. Typically sleeved in ghosts, they are never deployed in large groups, but their skills in combat and infiltration are unmatched.


Morph: Ghost

COG 10 COO 30 INT 15 REF 30 SAV 15 SOM 20 WIL 15
MOX - INIT 9 SPD 1 LUC 30 TT 6 IR 60 DUR 45 WT 9 DR 68

Active Skills: Beam Weapons 60, Blades 75, Disguise 78, Fray 80, Freerunning 50, Impersonation 45, Infiltration 100, Intimidation 45, Kinesics 55, Kinetic Weapons 75, Perception 73, Spray Weapons 60, Throwing Weapons 60, Unarmed Combat 85

Knowledge Skills: Language: Japanese (native) 85, Language: English 80, Profession: Assassin 60, Profession: Bodyguard 60

Ego Traits: Anomalous Mind, Malleable Mind (Level 3)

Implants: Adrenal Boost, Anti-Glare, Basic Biomods, Basic Mesh Inserts, Bioweave Armor (Light), Cortical Stack, Chameleon Skin, Cyberclaws, Eelware, Enhanced Hearing, Enhanced Vision, Grip Pads, Muscle Augmentation, Neurachem (Level 1), Medichines, T-Ray Emitter

*Note that while I have built him as a character, Sato does not have motivations or rep, as he cannot actually be considered a person by even the most liberal definitions of the word.

Notes: Inspired by Hideo from William Gibson's Neuromancer. 

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