Wednesday, July 29, 2015

210. Singularity Seeker Perspectives

What do we actually know about the TITANs? They want you to believe two things: we know nothing about the TITANs, and we know that they are unquestionably hostile. We can't possibly comprehend their minds, but we do know their motives. There have been those decrying research and new knowledge throughout history. With hindsight, ask, have they ever been right?
Dr. Krish Hegde, advocate for opening of research into TITAN tech

I maintain that 'memetic infection' is simply a way to dismiss an opposing ideologies most convincing arguments. Someone changes their views, shifts their priorities, and someone decides they aren't acting as they 'should'. Were their minds suborned, or were they legitimately persuaded? What would be the difference?
Mathieu Armistead, anarchist provocateur

Intelligence is a trump card in evolutionary races. It is a general purpose improvement, with greater capabilities, yet less specialized than a claw or eye. Grow enough of it, and you may elevate yourself beyond one evolutionary race and into another. As humanity did once, so shall we again.
Excerpt from second singularity seeker response, Exhuman/Singularity Seeker debate

We reject all dilemmas; we are many, we will pursue all possible options.

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