Friday, July 24, 2015

205. Medusa-Locks

The replacing of hair with small, muscular fibers was originally conceived of as an edge up in fashion. Those of the cyber/fashion avant-garde were soon sporting floating "hair" that could reshape itself, moving in reaction to it's wearers mood, or reaching out to caress passers by. The fibers, however, were much thicker than actual hair, leading to an uncanny effect that prevented full acceptance by the general public.

Instead of attempting to overcome the problem by designing smaller fibers, one independent Extropian designer decided to embrace size, and began selling blueprints for a thicker, stronger version. These tendrils appear like dreadlocks even from up close, an illusion that is only broken when they are used to pick up small objects. A group of Scum militia implanted their dreads with syringes of poison, as well as modifying them to resemble snakes, leading to them being called "medusa-locks".


Floating hair is [Trivial]

Medusa-locks are [Low]

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