Saturday, March 21, 2015

80. Sustenance Spores

Sustenance spores come in small, freeze-dried plastic pouches. Mixed into organic material, the spores will grow into large, puffy fungi, converting the organic matter into edible proteins and carbohydrates. Once matured (after about 48 hours) the user can harvest large puffballs, with remaining inedible material sequestered as "pits" in the center.

Derived from yeast and other fungi, the sustenance spores were developed and marketed as a survival tool. One gram of spores could produce a kilogram of edible fungi, requiring only inedible organic material (such as dirt or rotten food) and a small amount of water. The resulting mushroom, roughly spherical with a hard core like a peach pit, can be eaten like a fruit. They became a staple in impoverished areas of pre-Fall Earth, and a minor ecological disaster when biohackers, hoping to liberate the impoverished from buying the spores, made the fungi fertile. Some gatecrashers will still bring small spore packets in case they encounter a world with suitable organics.

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