Sunday, March 8, 2015

67. Smart Camouflage

Before the development of chameleon cloaks, the standard for military uniforms was smart camouflage. Like a chameleon cloak, smart camouflage consists of one network of sensors, and another of emitters. Unlike a chameleon cloak, smart camouflage is not capable of mimicking its background to simulate transparency, but will continually create dynamic camouflage patterns suited to its surroundings.

Chameleon cloaks may have supplanted smart camouflage for military purposes, but they have had a place in fashion ever since. Actual camouflage patterns are rarely trending, but the software can be altered to produce more abstract patterns that still react to their surroundings. As commentators often note, however, it must be used carefully, for it can very easily collapse into a fractal mess.


Smart camouflage is an armor mod [Trivial]

Smart camouflage gives +30 to infiltration tests as long as the wearer is moving no faster than a slow walk.

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