Tuesday, March 24, 2015

83. Blood Coral

In small patches across the TITAN Quarantine Zone can be found patches of pale, perforated rock, grown into comforting fractals, with swoops and alcoves offering shelter. Only synths dare take refuge there, however. Upon sensing flesh, through unknown means, the rocks' makers and residents begin to snake long, red tendrils from their holes to feed.

The tendrils of blood coral are treated as having fractal digits, capable of slowly disassembling their prey on a molecular scale, passing molecules down the tendrils, from hair to hair, to fertilize the roots. This rarely does significant damage; the process is quite painful and impossible to ignore. The bigger threat is the holes the tendrils leave as they burrow through vacc-suits.


As with fractal digits, blood coral does 1d10 DV per 5 minutes.

Blood coral only reacts to biomorphs, which they are able to sense even through vacc-suits.

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