Monday, March 16, 2015

75. Crèche-Wolf

A crèche-wolf looks like a large, hairless dog with flat black eyes. It has neither feet nor paws, but all four limbs end in human hands. The hands give it good balance and grip, and it can still run on its knuckles for speed. Its mouth extends farther back along its head than any natural canine; it can open its jaws very, very wide. When it does so, it reveals a human face and two grasping human arms, as if someone it swallowed is reaching out from its stomach.

The tactics of crèche-wolves in combat depend on whether it is acting alone or as part of a pack. If acting alone, the crèche-wolf will attack only from ambush, and flee if unable to engage on its own terms. In a pack, however, they become extremely aggressive, rushing towards targets from multiple directions. A crèche-wolf will usually attempt to tackle a victim to the ground, open its jaws, and pull the victim into its mouth with its arms.


COG 5 COO 20 INT 15 REF 20 SAV 5 SOM 25 WIL 10
INIT 6 SPD 2 DUR 45 WT 9 DR 75 LUC 20 TT 4 IR 40

Skills: Climbing 30, Fray 30, Freerunning 40, Infiltration 40, Intimidation 40, Perception 30, Unarmed Combat 50
Enhancements: Bioweave (Heavy), Cyberclaws, Neurachem (Level 1), Muscle Augmentation
Movement Rate: 4/30
Attack: 1d10 + 6 DV, AP -2
Armor: 3/4

The crèche-wolf is one example of the beings a crèche gives birth to, but there are infinite varieties. A crèche is an opportunity to use fantastical monsters in an Eclipse Phase game.

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