Thursday, March 12, 2015

71. Instinct Sets

The instincts that transhumans are born with, whether they are humans, human-based AGIs, or uplifts, are not not suited to the post-singulairty world they live in. To those who are willing, this problem can be solved. Their ancient but irrelevant instincts can be replaced with those designed to meet the world they now live in.

An instinct set is created in imitation of an effective AI. Neural networks are trained to perform sets of tasks in simulation. Once they have achieved acceptable levels of success, the networks are streamlined and the methods they have developed are analyzed. Ideally, the result is a breakdown of successful behaviors into sets of rules, and a neural network that follows those rules. These are the guidelines used during psychosurgery to wire new impulses and intuitions. Done correctly, someone who has never seen a gun in person will dive for cover instantly when fired upon, and day-traders will feel no reason to throw good money after bad.

Instinct sets can cover any topic that can be simulated, and range from "Game Theory in Politics" to "Freefall for Mud-Farmers" and "Surviving Exposure to Vacuum".


Most of the effects of an instinct sets should be roleplayed. Mechanically, they can be treated as re-fluffed skillsofts.


  1. This is a fantastic idea that I absolutely want to use in my campaigns. Do you think it would work as a psychosurgery technic like your latest Direct-to-Memory entry?

    1. That would also be a good way of handling it, yeah.