Wednesday, March 25, 2015

84. Dirt™

Pound-for-pound the most popular nanoswarms in the system, it is Dirt™ that allows Earth's plant-life to flourish on Mars, just as it once served as the backbone for the Saharan reclamation projects. Dirt™ can be mixed into hydroponics, mixed into soil, or serve in place of soil, as well as acting as simple medichines for plants. Dirt™ will kill harmful microbes while supporting beneficial ones, sequester toxins, hold water, accelerate composting, and deliver nutrients, seeing to it that your plants' health is served from the molecule up.


Dirt™ is a nanoswarm [Low]

Plot Hook: Dirt™ is also very effective at breaking down bodies. Remnants of a firewall agent are identified in a Martian dirt-farmer's compost. The farmer is the obvious suspect, but is unlikely to have been able to have killed the agent themselves. How far might Dirt™ go to secure nutrients for its plants?

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