Thursday, March 26, 2015

85. Nanoseeds

Proteans are the current peak of light nanofabrication technology, but nanoseeds occupy a reliable niche as inexpensive, single-use fabricators. Nanoseeds consist of compacted pellets of dormant protean nanites. Unlike with protean swarms, nanoseeds come pre-programmed with a single blueprint and enough stored energy to produce it. Plant the seed in a suitable substrate, let it cook, and brush the dirt off your new piece of gear. Protean swarms give you more bang for your buck, but nanoseeds are small and relatively inexpensive; it is common for gatecrashers, scavengers and nomads of all types to carry small packs of seeds as backup for vital equipment.


Nanoseeds work only once, have no means of mobility, and cannot be reprogrammed.

Nanoseeds are nanoswarms [Cost of Equipment]

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