Tuesday, March 3, 2015

62. HARM Suits

A battlesuit type exoskeleton empowers its human wearer with increased strength, armor, and environmental sealing. A soldier's performance can expect to be improved in every way, but mostly when doing things a human can already do.

A HARM (Heavy ARMament) suit is designed to bring a soldier into a new role on the battlefield. The suits operate in a careful equilibrium: small enough to be operated intuitively, by echoing a body's movements (like most exoskeletons), and large enough to carry multiple heavy weapons, but not so large as to present a easy target. They occupy a middle ground, between infantry and vehicle, and are most effectively treated as highly mobile heavy weapons platforms.

The first HARM suits were tested on Ragnarok's desolate landscapes in the war. They have become popular as support for long range patrols, where their mobility allows them to keep a light-infantry pace while providing heavy fire support. They commonly form the strike element of screen and strike patrols


HARM suits are exoskeletons [Expensive]

A HARM suit is typically fitted with two weapons, including autocannons, x4 standard seeker launchers, x24 mini seeker launchers, plasma rifles, sprayers, buzzers or torches. They are unsuited to melee combat and provide no bonuses.

They provide 16/16 armor, but are not enclosed; simultaneous use of vacc suits is typical.


Inspired by the image Harm Suit Mk3 by Elliot Lilly.

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